Video: Travis Picking a Beginner’s Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson

Guitar video lesson (Learn how to play):

Travis Picking a Beginner's Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson

Travis picking for easy guitar. A beginner’s acoustic guitar lesson. Fingerpicking and fingerstyle. More absolute beginner’s lessons here: https://www.jerrys…

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  1. Can I ask when you’re doing the basic 6-4, 6-4 is each 6 on the downbeat
    and the 4 on the upbeat -that’s what it sounds like .Or is each bass note
    on a downbeat.Just need to check as I’m such a novice.

  2. I don’t consider this Travis picking. Merle Travis did more of a boom chuck
    sound with muted strings and fingering combined. This video is more in the
    Chet Adkins fingerpicking style. Go watch Tom Bresh, Travis’ son or Travis

  3. best tutorial ever….im watching this everyday I plan on getting really
    good, then show another tutorial of how good I got because I watched this.
    thank you, sir.

  4. This is a rilliant lesson. Not to much stuff cramped in the tutorial, the
    basic rules of travis picking are mentioned and when you went trugh where
    the root notes where in the end you made simple and you coverd all the
    chords. Perfect lesson!

  5. This is a fabulous tutorial. I have been struggling with Travis picking for
    quite a while, and this gave me a basic incremental approach to mastering
    the technique. Now, many, many hours of practice lie ahead, but at least I
    know how to do it correctly and get rid of all my bad habits and wrong
    methods. Thanks!!

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