1. THANK YOU!! This lesson is exactly what I’ve been looking for for years!
    Does everyone else know this?? Wow. To me it’s like if some one was to tell
    you: “You know if you play a C harp against blues in G it works pretty
    well.” I can’t stop playing. You actually found a practical use for the
    blues scale:-) Thanks again. 

  2. There are a lot of sites that explain lick – this one goes out of its way
    to put a little theory in with the licks, which can be very helpful if you
    are practicing your scales, and not just learning licks off the internet –
    not that there is anything wrong with that!

    But, the better you know your scales, the easier it is to learn licks, and
    to be able to place them in your music quickly, and this video teaches a
    nice bluegrass run (go about halfway in if you’re not interested in the
    theory). There are a lot of other videos by the same guy, I have watched
    several, they are very good for somebody just starting to play lead, or who
    want to learn some basic licks in a style they aren’t familiar with – have
    a great weekend, and when you need strings, come on by

    Learn how to play country bluegrass lead guitar lesson

  3. no i dont know! stop saying you know. and get out of here with bluegrass.
    pick up a dreadknot guitar and put down that electric if you want to pick.

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