Video: How to play Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden (Guitar Lessons SB-320)

Guitar video lesson (Learn how to play):

How to play Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden (Guitar Lessons SB-320)

In this guitar lesson we’re going to be checking out the awesome Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, one of the all time great classic grunge rock tunes and a per…

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  1. Any guns n roses coming soon Justing? like sweet child solo or something..
    would be very nice if you made another lesson for GnR. And thank you for
    teaching us for free, respect Just!

  2. Hi Justin, i’m glad to see you are still making videos. I am at your stage
    8 guitar beginner course after one week. My fingers are sore, but i’ve
    grown to like the pain. You are a great teacher

  3. Not really my style so I’ll pass. Working on some old Dave Van Ronk tunes
    so I’m busy enough anyway 😀 But thanks for putting all the effort into
    this stuff Justin!

    Lots of love from Denmark :-)

  4. Thank you very much for this video. Always a pleasure to meet people lke
    you who help the musicians.
    By the way you have several black holes on your fretboard !

  5. Nice lesson (and singing, haha!)

    I always use the intro parts of your videos to try and learn the guitar
    parts by ear first, before watching the rest of the video to see if I got
    it correct. That way, I can learn the song while continuing to practise the
    art of transcribing, which has been the greatest thing I’ve ever done since
    picking up the dang guitar!

    It’s honestly an amazing skill to have, and I can’t thank you enough for
    stressing how important and handy it is to learn.

    “The last thing you hear, stays in your ear!” Thank you, Justin! :)

  6. Great lesson Justin. My cousin is in this band…and I am sure he’d approve
    of your tutorial!

    You are the best U2b teacher, IMO. Always accurate, and entertaining. I do
    lessons too, and am inspired by yours! (which are better).

    I don’t say this stuff lightly, I have seen all the good U2b teachers..and
    YOU are the best! Really enjoy your lessons! You my friend, ROCK!

  7. Hi Justin, I have been trying to ‘log on’ to your channel, but, being old
    and not computer savvy enough I cannot. I wanted to pose a question Thus: I
    used to be a very good guitarist, until I had a stroke some 10 years ago. I
    still have my trusty 36 year of acoustic, my left hand fingers have altered
    sensation and limited movement, but I can still play in an open G
    structure, tuned down a step to F so that I can sing. The trouble I am
    having is transposing songs to this tuning, because I do not know all the
    available chords, especially the minor chords, thus I wonder, if you have
    any spare time, could you do a video on all the major key chord
    progressions for me? This would help me play some of he 100 or so songs I
    used to be able to play.

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