1. about as perfect a lesson comes, cool, right speed, just enough theory and
    no patronizing #string-finger chord explanations ad infinitum- I wish more
    were just like this 

  2. I like that you aren’t going note for note but showing the techniques and
    some of the signature licks.Cheers

  3. Thank you for this great lesson, and for all of your lessons!! You have
    taught me a lot about the fretboard and the guitar.

  4. very nice lesson. I love the music theory as well. Its taken seven yrs,but
    I get a little something every time I watch you (and some of my other favs
    ) teach. This one had a coupla big chunks. Thanks and keep up the good
    work. We anonymous YouTubers are appreciative.

  5. Eric, if yr watching this, in another universe, this is you sitting here,
    in yr bad slippers, explaining this guys world famous blues riffs to all of

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