1. thanks for taking the time and being a very good teacher. as a beginner
    it’s nice when someone posts understandable tutorials, in slower speeds.
    much appreciated

  2. how come batman not know the answer? lol yes man, there are different amp
    settings for different songs. First you need to use appropriate pick ups
    and then there is tone knob on the guitar n then u gotta have correct amp
    settings. Good luck! Im a beginner too btw. –The Joker 🙂

  3. Thanks man! If i get better, I’ll try that, but i’m only been playing for 5
    days lol. I can only play 3 riffs now (seven nation army, Smoke on the
    water and inna gadda da vida) but i still have a pretty cheap guitar
    (richwood stratocaster model) and a C. Giant m-20 amp, pretty basic stuff.

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