Video: Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons – Soloing – Concepts for the Minor Pentatonic Scale

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Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons - Soloing - Concepts for the Minor Pentatonic Scale

Comment for this Here is a concept that many beginners overlook or find much later then they should. I am …

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  1. Hi Marty, I appreciate this lesson very much. It is one of those few
    lessons on Youtube that I see on how to make sense of the pentatonic scales
    as well as to use notes from the scales to start soloing and combine notes
    to make simple realistic sounding music. As I see it, this can help
    beginner lead guitarists to start soloing by making real music note by
    note, and by combining the notes in a simple way. In general, I see tons
    of lessons on the pentatonic scales on Youtube, but there is little done to
    show beginners how to start soloing right away. I think that most
    guitarists over teach and overemphasize the importance of the pentatonic
    scales. I always do these pentatonic scale exercises, but by themselves the
    scales are truly boring, and they don’t help many of us to start soloing
    right away. Some of us would appreciate it very much if you could provide
    more of these type of lessons on how to start soloing or to refer us your
    videos that you have already done on these types of lessons on Youtube or

  2. Hey Marty,
    Had a buddy of mine give me an old beat up guitar to mess around with
    and try to learn to play. I was inspired to learn the main lick from Eric
    Claptons “Layla”. After a few weeks of watching videos and remembering tabs
    in my head. (Really love your Fade to Black and One solo videos.) I found
    out about scales. Watched your minor and major pentatonic videos and the e
    blues run. They are great. Fell in love with the blues. Now thats all I
    want to play. I have watched so many of your youtube videos on the
    different channels you provide, I feel like I know you. Your really the
    only guy I have jammed with. Have been saving to get your blues domination
    package, and seen a chance to win it here. You are awsome man. Please keep
    up the good work.

  3. Yours lessons have helped me since my day 1 on favorite guitar
    style is blues but its tricky to find blues lesson videos

  4. There doesn’t need to be a class on the blues. Your life is your class for
    the blues. You should be able to feel it with your heat, not forced by
    guitar teachers. 

  5. thank you a lot marty for the effort that you have been putting in your
    videos learned lots from you 🙂 

  6. Hey marty, I was wondering if you ever had a problem with your picking
    hand. I tend to rest my pinky on the pickguard of my strat which can
    sometimes affect my speed. Got any tips?

  7. thanks again your videos are great and there really helping me solo on the
    could you do some more 12 bar blues lessons

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